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Nightly Candy Chat: Interview with Vexdavortex from The Boogiemonsters

November 30, 2010


If you're a true fan of TRUE hip-hop music then you are a fan of The Boogiemonsters.

Nightly Candy Fashion Review: Talbots Quilted Down Vest

November 16, 2010


SWEETIES It’s time for another FALL FASHION REVIEW!! The folks over at asked yours truly to share my opinions regarding yet another fall trend item: the quilted down vest available at Talbots. Check out the commercial on YouTube My initial thoughts of Talbots evoked visions of Barbara Bush and suits for Easter Sunday service. […]

Bring in Spring with the Perfect Accessory: BOWS

February 16, 2010


S W E E T I E S I have an affinity for all of  the seasons but quiet frankly I am over the frigid temperature and the snow. It’s fashion week  in New York City . All the major designers are debuting their Fall 2010 collections. I understand the reasons why designers show their […]

Prince Harry is Cute from a Far but Far from Cute

May 29, 2009


 Evening Sweeties Trying to catch a cab Friday in lower Manhattan was more hectic than usual. I thought a major head of state was around the way they had things on lock down.   Oh no… it ’twas not the President of France that was holding up traffic today it was the red headed child […]

Crimes of FASHION- Summer Edition

May 24, 2009


Summer is the season of fun in the sun , barbecues, fireworks, and love.  It is also a season most notorious for crimes of fashion! It’s an innate impulse to want to strip down to the barest of essentials when the temperature hits 80 degrees and above but we must not lose our minds. The […]

So OVER John Mayer!

April 10, 2009


Evening Sweeties   I know that I DO NOT stand alone on this subject. Although John Mayer continues to be one of the most popular celebrities his antics are completely irritating and have left me with a sour taste and not the sour-patch yummy candy kind either!    Bleeeeeeeiiiiiiiccccckkkk Therefore I have declared his celebrity to be “So Over”. Whenever […]

Madonna Wants to Be the Great White Hope

March 29, 2009


Evening Sweeties I grew up in the 80’s and am not afraid to say it! I loved it! Legwarmers, side ponytails, Adidas, and Madonna. If I were to make a mix tape of  my life  back then there would be several Madonna tracks. I used to cry myself to sleep to “Live to Tell” and […]