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My BEEF With the Sobe LifeWater Lizard!

March 26, 2009


   Hey Sweeties When I am writing I usually like to have the music blaring to get me in the zone! Once in a while I like to turn on the tube and have some mindless show on in the background to create noise. I can’t remember what was on, but I did pay attention […]

Designer from Project Runway Arrested for Assault with a Feline as a Weapon!!

March 19, 2009


Before this story broke I thought Kenley's only crime was a nasty attitude and copy-cat fashion designs. She's taken it to a whole other level with this incident. Kenley and Chris Beat-her-down-Brown need counseling and solitary confinement.

My Mouth Is Still Open… She by Sheree is Showing At New York Fashion Week.. Whaaat??

January 14, 2009


Good Evening Y’all I was on my way to call it an early night for me (which is in bed before 4am) when I stumbled across this story and my mouth has been straight open for about 30 minutes. I am soo appalled I just can’t shut it. WOW!! I cannot believe it! I read […]


October 12, 2008


Evening Lads and Lassies, What a crazy night this has been already! I need to crack open a bottle of red to get through this post. It’s like I’m reliving this all over again. Last post, I left off with the agonizing tale of my departure from John-Pierre as he told me we would soon […]

‘Da LOVE B-I-N-G-O part DEUX

October 12, 2008


Bonsoir my Sweets! Can’t get enough of “Nightly Candy” eh? Or is it 3am and you you are up because you ate too much chicken and there is nothing on the tube? Whatever the situation is that brought you to my BLOG, I won’t question it! I welcome you with open ARMS! As promised the […]