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The Holy Grail of Happiness- Tips on Reducing Stress and Anxiety

February 7, 2011


SWEETIES Stress is no laughing matter. When stress becomes chronic, lasting for long periods of time without any moments of rest or relaxation, serious physical or psychological problems can result. According to Dr. Jim Manganiello, ” When your body is under stress, your cells actually change shape and become unhealthy. In turn, the delicate tissues […]

Nightly Candy EXCLUSIVE: Former Baby Sitter to Big Poppa Says It’s ALL a LIE!

December 2, 2008


  Oyasumi (Good Evening in Japanese)   Hiya Kids! I just COULDN’T WAIT until to bring you this EXCLUSIVE sugary snack!!! My eyes LITERALLY POPPED OUT OF MY HEAD when I received this glorious email from a woman claiming to be the former babysitter of Big Poppa aka Lee Najjar and his wife Kim Najjar!!!!! […]