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Say a Prayer for Guru

March 1, 2010


SWEETIES One of the best MC’s is in coma this evening. GURU is 1/2 of the legendary Brooklyn hip-hop duo Gang Starr. DJ Premier (the other half of Gang Starr) went on the  Sirius Satellite radio show Hip Hop Nation to confirm that Guru had a heart-attack this weekend and has been hospitalized. He will undergo […]

They Can’t Stop Until They Get Enough: The Michael Mayhem Continues

July 18, 2009


Evening Sweeties Dear Sweet Lawd it has been too long!!!! I am officially SO OVER the hiatus. Nightly Candy is back and in full effect bringing you the sweet (and sometimes not so sweet) dish of day for you to enjoy at night. The topic of the day for now until the end of time […]

Love Bingo- Final Cut (Or is it)

October 14, 2008


Bienvienue my people! (For those of you who are like “huuuuuuh????” this means WELCOME in the language of the pressing moment, le Francias) Craving some more sweets tonight kiddies? Then you’ve logged on to the right blog tonight! I left the last blog entry, as I left PARIS crying my eyes out all the way […]

‘Da LOVE B-I-N-G-O part DEUX

October 12, 2008


Bonsoir my Sweets! Can’t get enough of “Nightly Candy” eh? Or is it 3am and you you are up because you ate too much chicken and there is nothing on the tube? Whatever the situation is that brought you to my BLOG, I won’t question it! I welcome you with open ARMS! As promised the […]