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She by Sheree = FAIL

September 29, 2009


S W E E T I E S Sheree Whitfield is holding tight unto the delusional dream that she has the talent and gumption to be an accredited fashion designer. Even though she has portrayed herself to be void of any personality on The Real Housewives of Atlanta hasn’t she one friend who cares enough […]

I’ve Got a Serious Case of the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs

September 3, 2009


S W E E T I E S HAPPY SEPTEMBER! It’s been way to long since I’ve shared some Nightly Candy with you all. I’ve just felt so uninspired with the news of the last week and a half. I just couldn’t bare to type.. I just couldn’t bring myself do it. Please forgive me… […]

Kim Z from Housewives of Atlanta Sets the Record Straight!

August 16, 2009


S W E E T I E S Was I the only person who was left with an anti-climatic feeling after Thursday night’s episode of Housewives of Atlanta? BRAVO really is trying to stretch out this “fight” between Sheree and Kim for every last penny it might be worth to them. I placed the word […]

Open Post: A Sincere Apology to NeNe Leakes

August 7, 2009


S W E E T I E S I am SO OVERJOYED to report that The Twisted Hearts Foundation has been registered with the state of Georgia as a Not-for-Profit!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thank the amazing Nightly Candy reader who forwarded this information to us early this morning! In my previous post I did state that “I’m […]

NeNe Can You Please Give us the “T” Concerning The Twisted Hearts Foundation?

August 7, 2009


S W E E T I E S FYI- Giving the “T” is NeNe Leakes catch phrase. “T”= “Truth” If you’ve been a reading Nightly Candy for awhile you are familiar with my coverage of the Housewives of Atlanta. Just as the  silver fox of news television Anderson Cooper has professed his adoration for the […]

It All Blew Up in Sheree Witfield’s FACE!! Sheree Gets SUED!

March 11, 2009


Evening Kids For all of you Housewives of Atlanta fans, I know this little piece of news will be of some interest to you! It is no suprise  that Karma has reared it’s head on Sheree Witfield!  This photo always cracks me up! After ALL of the yapping she did on Season One about getting […]

A Replacement for DeShawn from Housewives of Atlanta

March 10, 2009


Evening Cherubs Let’s all cross our fingers and hope for the best that BRAVO got it right this time. Word on the cable beat is that they are replacing DeShawn “snoozers” Snow with Kandi Burress. I know most of you are like “who the hell is that?” Kandi is one of the three chicks from […]