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What’s all the Kerfuffle about with Kanye?

September 16, 2009


S W E E T I E S Since when does it become breaking news when Kayne West says  something outrageously stupid? Everytime I have EVER heard Kayne West speak he sounds like a bumbling, conceited, hot mess of a FOOL. Why are we all shocked about his drunken stupor VMA’s antics? Didn’t this all go […]

Has it Really Come Down to Getting Naked to Make it in Music?

May 18, 2009


Evening Sweeties Record labels and executives are pimpin’ their artists like it is going out of style. I don’t believe for one minute that  Cassie and Rihanna are unsuspecting victims of  ex-boyfriends who leaked those photos to the press.  It was a calculated move on the part of their management . You can’t teach an old […]

Jennifer Hides Her Face in SHAME as She Blames TWITTER!

March 27, 2009


Evening Sweeties I can’t let too much time go by before I have to unleash my thoughts on the latest celebrity news on Jennifer Aniston. She’s the perfect superficial target to poke fun at because there’s abundance of HOT MESS. It’s like being a kid in a candy store. Let us get to the gobbstopping […]