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Do it Yourself Fashion: Disco Earrings

February 3, 2011


SWEETIES Andy Warhol, Jerry Hall, and Bianca Jagger were just a few of the celebrities in the 70’s who partied all night long at Studio 54. Their style was free, uninhibited, and unpretentious. Andy Warhol and the gang stylin’ and profiln’ at Studio 54 Photo Credit: Disco dominated the pop-culture scene in the 70’s […]

Designer from Project Runway Arrested for Assault with a Feline as a Weapon!!

March 19, 2009


Before this story broke I thought Kenley's only crime was a nasty attitude and copy-cat fashion designs. She's taken it to a whole other level with this incident. Kenley and Chris Beat-her-down-Brown need counseling and solitary confinement.

Part Deux of my Interview/Purple Vintage Space Princess: Vintage Style Icon

October 27, 2008


Evenings Kidos,   Thanks for coming back for more! This interview with Purple Vintage Space Princess was really a lot of fun! I find that now-a-days music is sooo fake, and commercial with synthesized beats, and Blondie chicks who have no musical talent whatsoever and like to show their va-jay-jays to the camera. I am […]