Thumbs Way Down for The Cleveland Show.

Posted on September 29, 2009



I have spent many of nights LMBAO at episodes of “Family Guy” and my ultimate favorite Mcfarlane creation;  “American Dad”.

When the news broke that Cleveland from “Family Guy” was getting his own show I had some reservations.


I wasn’t sure how McFarlane was going to pull it off.

It was a guarantee that he was going to try and make it as offensively funny as his other shows and use Cleveland’s blackness as the catalyst. I had a feeling there would be no middle ground. It was either going to be a smash hit or be abysmal.


I believe I laughed once which is pretty down right depressing for a Seth McFarlane experience.

The show was way too stereotypical and not enough funny. Seth McFarlane is amazing at voices so I have NO IDEA why he hired this dude Mike Henry to do Cleveland’s voice. It has always irritated me on “Family Guy” so to extend the irritation for the duration of a 1/2 show was almost as bad as being stuck in a room with a fly that relentlessly buzzes in your ear.

The characters are ALL ANNOYING and NOT FUNNY.

Cleveland’s obese son is disgusting to look at and to listen to.  I didn’t think it was humanly possible to create a voice more annoying than Cleveland’s. Why does Cleveland’s wife have to have a big fat ass that they constantly point out? The “baby” character was so predictable. It is basically Stuy (from Family Guy) but the complete antithesis because he is black, straight, and talks with a southern twang.

Goodness gracious brothers can’t even catch a break in animation! Does the “baby” really have to be chasing skirts and talking about the “pencil in his pants”?  I’m not looking to  McFarlane to set the tone for critical progressive material but I do expect it to be funny. I’m all about offensive humor that is done with a tasteful twist.

On “American Dad” they bring up racism, sexism and homophobia  in a way to poke fun at it and turn it on it’s head thus making people think about why those ism’s exist in the first place.  “The Cleveland Show” was not successful at turning any prevailing stereotypes on their ugly heads. It just re-emphasized them.

I won’t be tuning in for episodes 2 and so on. From the chatter on  Twitter on Sunday it looks like there are many people who share my sentiments. I highly doubt there will be a 2nd season. I hope Fox follows in the footsteps of the CW and pulls the plug on the 2nd episode just like they did on the Mischa Barton/ Ashton Kutcher’s catastrophic collaboration formally known as “The Beautiful Life”.

TheBeautifulLife1The CW pulled the plug on this steaming pile of mess on last Friday right before taping was set to begin. They hadn’t reached the 3rd episode.

BTW- I want to know what Seth McFarlane was smoking when he thought the idea to add in a Eastern-European Bear to the cast would be funny?

I think two highly successful shows are PLENTY for Mcfarlane and he should stop being greedy. Besides where on earth did he get the idea that Cleveland should get his own show anyway? Cleveland’s character NEVER made me laugh on “Family Guy”. He was dull and boring on that show and he’s the same exact way on his own show.

Out of all the characters on Family Guy the breakout star most definitely is Quagmire. Now he’s a character would provide lots of material for some gut-wrenching laughs for his own show in my humble opinion.


If you don’t want to take my word for it and have 20 minutes of your life to waste you can check out the pilot episode of “The Cleveland Show” on Hulu.

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